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Bo's vision of Hope and Roman was about to come true!
Hope and ROMAN?!?! Are they SERIOUS?!

That has to be the most ridiculous spoiler I've ever read, LoL. So stupid!

Surprisingly, some of the other spoilers actually sound decent. I'm guessing that's Gary Tomlin's influence rather than Higley. The stuff with Phillip/Victor/Stefano sounds like it could be good, but I'm worried it'll come across better on paper than it will on screen. We'll have to see. Also, where's Melanie and nu-Will? I don't believe I saw her name once in any of the previews. Then again, some of spoilers are far in advance, so I'm sure various things will be re-written by the tape date and other things were left out of the spoilers completely. Either way, I'm cool with no Melanie, LoL.

Kate trying to murder Chloe for having an affair with Daniel is beyond stupid.

I hope that Nicole rushing to the altar and Sami trying to stop her plays out well. It could be really good or it could be really anti-climatic depending on how it's written.

I feel for the poor soul who's going to be fired by allowing these to be posted, LoL. I wouldn't be surprised if TPTB tried re-writing the scripts a bit because of this.
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