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Mar 4 2009, 01:56 PM
Bjorlin tells SOW that Chloe prayed for a sign to tell her what to do, since she was torn between Lucas and Daniel. When Lucas woke up and didn't remember that he'd learned about Chloe's affair, Chloe took that as the sign she needed. However, before Chloe talks to Lucas, she goes back to the chapel to pray for more guidance. While she's there, she sees Daniel praying as well; he's there because of, as SOD puts it, a "mind game" that Kate played on him. Chloe doesn't hear what Daniel is saying, but he's praying for a sign that his decision to let Chloe go was correct.

Chloe is going to need knee pads at this rate. Servicing Daniel, Lucas and down on bended knees praying in church every day. What a trooper!

I really wish they would stop bringing God into this mess. The sight of some of these characters on bended knee praying to the Lord kinda makes me queasy. I know God forgives sinners, but Chloe fornicating with 2 men and asking God to show her which of her lays is the right one is gross. I should think God has better things to do.

Maybe this is just my unpopular opinion, but I have always been uncomfortable with the way religion is used on soaps and I do mean used.
Terrific post. I, too, hate how religion--or, at least, Christianity, since religious diversity is pretty much unknown in Salem--in general and the Catholic faith in particular (and I'm a Protestant) is written. They use it as a shorthand to show remorse and/or what a character is thinking, but there is no real discussion about what God (or Jesus, who never gets mentioned despite his rather key role in Christianity) might want the characters to do. There's a, you know, Book that lots of Christians consult in these types of situations--admittedly it can be hard to read, but somebody should probably mention something from it now and then.

While Sami's newfound, convenient and brief piety was irritating, at least, to give her credit, as I recall it when I wasn't FF'ing, she was praying for Rafe's safety--a legitimate intercession IMO. Chloe's ridiculous interpretation of random events like phone calls as signs from the Almighty is simply annoying. My guess is that if God were really sending her signs, they would have led her to believe that He would recommend she stop fornicating with both men, tell Lucas the truth and ask for his forgiveness. She's essentially marrying him under false pretenses, with the perhaps mistaken and certainly unilaterally-arrived-at decision that he would rather marry a woman who had cheated on him as long as he didn't know about it, instead of being able to make his decision about marriage with all the facts in front of him.
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