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Holy crap!
So Tony and Phillip fight? Probably over that damn fuel's project, and Tony accidentally gets killed. I wonder who Nicole speaks up for?
Then Stefano goes after Phillip and tries to kill him, but he survives?
Then Victor goes after Stefano?
All of a sudden Stefano feels ill and is surprised by what is causing him to be sick? Could Vic or Nicole be poisoning him?

All of these sound really exciting!

I still have no interest in Bope. First, she is flirting with Daniel, then she is supposed to have a moment with Rafe, then these say she is with Roman?
Is Hope the new Chloe??
Unless Hope is frolicking with a hot young thing, I am not interested in her boinking her brother in law! Ew!

EJ and Nicole wedding takes two weeks?!?! I just can't wait to see these three people try to stop it! I so look forward to this!

Thanks for sharing!

How is Hope flirting with Daniel? I dont see how talking to Daniel means she's flirting with him and she talks to Rafe big deal. Is she not aloud to talk to other men other than her husband?. Is she suppose to ignore Rafe after she goes back to work? None of the spoilers say that she'll be sleeping with Roman. We dont even know what's going on there. Just because Bo has a vision of Hope with every man he see's her talking to doesn't mean they are real.
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