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Chloe is going to need knee pads at this rate. Servicing Daniel, Lucas and down on bended knees praying in church every day. What a trooper!

I really wish they would stop bringing God into this mess. The sight of some of these characters on bended knee praying to the Lord kinda makes me queasy. I know God forgives sinners, but Chloe fornicating with 2 men and asking God to show her which of her lays is the right one is gross. I should think God has better things to do.

Maybe this is just my unpopular opinion, but I have always been uncomfortable with the way religion is used on soaps and I do mean used.

Thank you for writing this!!!! :applause: I know that there are some that aren't really into religion and that is fine. However, there are those that do believe in it and they hate to see their religion mocked and used as a prop. I'm Catholic and it pissed me off to know end, to see the writers use a Catholic priest to basically give the thumbs up to Chloe's affair.
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