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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: Chloe and Lucas elope! Kate confronts Daniel
Pudge Goddess
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Mar 4 2009, 02:26 PM
Seriously, why do they have to keep making Lucas such a dunce when it comes to other women? Take the rose-colored glasses off Lucas! Gah!!
... and Chloe needs to get over herself, like, oh isn't she so noble and sacrificial to do God's bidding and marry Lucas ... gmafb, like God really wants Lucas to be stuck with another cheating slut?Bitch, Please.
Ugh, no kidding! Remember when Lucas used to be perceptive and notice things about people? He was someone who had other characters' numbers. Sometimes he called them on their crap, other times his gut told him something stunk, even if the rest of Salem thought the person was covered in glitter. I hate how Higley has made him into such a dolt over :boobs: . I hate it even more when they have Kate saying barf-worthy lines like "This is the happiest he's ever been!" Bullshit. Sorry, ain't buying it, because you haven't shown us that, Dena. Very few fans buy that these two truly love each other, period.

I can't wait for this story to be over because :boobs: as a martyr for Lucas makes me want to puke.

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