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Mar 5 2009, 03:52 PM
Yes, but Days is down .2 in demos from a year ago and that's the more important factor.
Everyone is down in demos vs last year. Y&R, which is arguably the best show right now, is down -2 as well.

You can either look at the numbers positively or negatively. On the positive side, Days is in the 2nd position in demos. Granted, it's because of everyone else dropping off but it's still a better position then they were in last year.

Plus, your only looking at one demo. They look at several. Girls 12-17 is a big one too and Women 18-34 is just as big as 18-49.

Days' numbers are solid all around. Even when they drop off, they don't drop like they have in the last few years. They've stabilized and are building an audience. They have not been below 2.0 since September. That is an accomplishment in this era of bleeding ratings. They've brought viewers back and kept them for awhole now. Some out there are liking what they are seeing and the most impressive thing is they've done this during a cast purging and during a time when they really haven't done any big stunts. The loss of several vets has not hurt them at all. Maybe it will in the long run but, for now, the show is in fantastic position and is the only soap up in viewers from last year. There is definitely more positive then negative here for them.

I'm so sad for GL. It's been so good. As has Y&R. I hate seeing their dropoffs.

I don't want any soap to go down but I can see why GH dropped. It's been slowly losing me again and I think it's only going to get worse. OLTL has been struggling a bit IMO too but slowly it's been getting better this week and next week looks good so I pray they start inching up again.
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