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^I'm not surprised at all.

Soaps are past the point of who is onscreen making a difference in the ratings. I still remember even in 2007 there were days that were either completely boring or that featured no vets and they were getting higher dailies then days that were exciting and that had vets. It's about the stories and it's about things happening every day. All you need is a little familiarity, which Days has, to get by. You also need a vision and a direction. Since Tomlin came on, the show has had that. No more dropped stories. No more forced pairings because of conflict behind the scenes. There is story building and relationship building going on and people are tuning in because there is a reason to. It's going somewhere where as since 2006 it's been one short arc after another, whether it was because it was planned that way or the story was just dropped.

Plus, it's been clear Days lost the vet viewers long ago. When J&M left for 2 months in 2006 and the ratings either stayed the same or went up, that showed that. Not only that but there have been times over the past few years where the vets were in heavy rotation and the show got nothing for it ratings-wise. In fact, the numbers were worse because it was repetitive. It had all been done before. There was no suspense. You know J&M, Bope, S&K, etc aren't going to die or split apart so why watch or invest? You know the outcome whereas now, in most cases, you don't. It's like the 90's where you weren't sure if the rooting couple would make it through or if the character would survive because it's new. Its fresh. These characters have been down these roads before.

There comes a time when shows have to reinvent themselves. The soaps have done this over the years. You have to because they are continuous. They need to stay fresh. They aren't like primetime shows, which don't last as long. For the longest time, many soaps, especially Days, shied away from this and some finally are doing it again and it took them long enough. Days tried going back to the 90's with JER again and it failed. They tried an 80's rebirth and it failed. Now they are using somewhat of a 90's model but also giving the show a Melrose/Sunset like vibe.

It may still fail but, at the moment, it's a success and if the numbers for the other shows below Days don't start seeing improvement soon, you better believe there will be alot more vets out of work. Heaven knows many of these shows always seem to rip off Days when it does something high profile anyway.
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