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Mar 3 2009, 01:40 AM
Never watched a full episode of ER, but I will be watching the finale
You should watch some. It's really good, Rick. Best medical drama ever IMO because of all the heart the show had. The way it played on your emotions. Wow...

The only time it seemed to lose itself was seasons 9-11 when it started going a bit too much over the top and started ripping off other shows. That and it spent too much time in African and Dalfur but it was for a good cause. It got it's mojo back in season 12 and it's produced quality drama ever since, some of the best drama on TV.

One thing ER did better then any show I had ever seen was rebuild it's cast. It always kept introducing new characters and slowly integrated them so that by the time some did leave, they had others to step up. The one thing I hate is that so many seemed to bolt after season 6. It's like once a show gets past the 6-7 year mark in primetime, it stops being relevant to many people. I will always encourage people to watch the later seasons right up until now. You would be surprised just how good the quality was. This season alone has been fantastic. I also hate that people like Maura Tierney, Goran Visjnic, Linda Cardellini, Scott Grimes, Parminder Nagra, Angela Basset, and Mekhi Pheifer don't get recognized for their superb work.

Maybe I should bump up the ER thread I started. I've been too busy to comment but if I can get some of you to give it a look, why not? :laugh:
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