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Wow these sound great.

I'm not 100% on board with this Kate trying to kill Chloe stuff but I will wait to see it play out before judging. I mean, Chloe saved Chloe's life and Kate went out of her way to heap loads of praise on her and Daniel. Kate nearly lost Chelsea because of Daniel and now here is Chloe having an affair. She broke up with Lucas, sending him off the wagon. Now she marries him. It's alot to take so I can see Kate losing it. I just hope they don't go too far like they did in 2001. Kate snapped back then too and I didn't care for it then because the reasoning was faulty. We will see what happens this time.

I agree with Drew in that the Roman aspect adds something to the Bo/Hope stuff. The image of JT and KA is so wrong but there is history to be played and it's interesting if that is where they are going. It's unexpected. I'm not still on board with this Bo and Hope stuff but they at least have my interest piqued now. Let's just see if this vision is in keeping with Bo's current vision because it could be a different one.

The Tony/Philip/Stefano/EJ stuff sounds great. I'm loving this Kiriakis/Dimera war and kudos to Days for having the EJ/Nicole wedding kick off sweeps. They are getting better with sweeps periods. That should be exciting to watch. I can't wait to see what goes down.

I feel bad for whoever leaked this because they are a goner LOl. What a big mistake, especially since some of this is likely not even taped yet. It's probably just off story outlines. It's great though because it just further prove Days has long-term vision and direction now. You can tell there is no conflict behind the scenes. Since Tomlin came on, this has been the case. No dropped stories, no flip-flopping pairings, etc. Things aren't so all over the place. Hell, they aren't at all. The show has been the most stable it's been in years. There is clear direction and commitment and hopefully it continues like it has since September.
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