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Summary for week of 3/9

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Lucas and Chloe decide to give their relationship a second chance. Nicole is done with being blackmailed by Dr. Baker. Will schemes to reunite Sami and Lucas. Philip and Stephanie discover that all of Titan's computer files are missing. A computer technician arrives and states that a worm virus destroyed Titan's files, including the Alternative Fuels project. Philip guesses the "worm" is none other than EJ DiMera. Meanwhile, EJ semi-assuages Nicole's jealousy toward Sami. As the two make up, Philip arrives at the mansion to confront EJ. EJ retains the upper hand, and Philip, getting nowhere with his accusations, leaves. Stefano enters and expresses pride in his son. Meanwhile, Philip shrugs off Stephanie's comfort and worries about his father's reaction to what's happened to Titan. Roman needles Stefano about the hit on the mayor, but Stefano insists he had nothing to do with it. Roman says they'll see what happens. Stefano makes a private call to make sure all of his ties to the killer's employers are cut, and cryptically admits he was behind the mayor's death. Worried after Philip barges in that he might tell EJ about her secret, Nicole calls Brady to ask for his help. Brady apprises an upset Melanie during their game of darts that the fuels project is lost. Melanie shows a bit of her human side and she starts to see Brady as one of the world's few good guys. Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole vows to find out what Sami's up to and to protect Grace. Sami visits Sister Theresa and asks her not to let anyone else hold her baby. She can only imagine the consequences if anyone happened to find out the truth about Grace. Later, she talks to Roman and asks him to pull some strings to help Rafe's employment status. Roman hopes Rafe will be able to stay in D.C. and asks Sami about her plans. Sami admits she's unsure about what she wants to do.

SNEAK PEEK: A Las Vegas elopement is in the works.


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