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I've been watching a bit of B&B lately and I'm just amazed at how bad it is.

Seriously, the acting has gotten actrocious. Everyone is terrible. Everyone. Ron Moss. Katherine Kelly Lang. Hunter Tylo. The chick who plays Steffy. I honestly don't think any of them are taking it serious anymore. It feels like they're all in a contest to see which of them will end up on "The Soup" next. This whole show is hammier than a pig farm.

Then there's the dialogue, which is just trite and ridiculous. It's rivaling "Passions." If I hear one more person telling Rick that he needs to stay away from Steffy, I'm going to put my fist through the TV set. Does this show even have more than one storyline? Every scene of every episode revolves around Rick, Steffy and how terrible their relationship is for Ridge. Move it along!

It's crazy to think that B&B and Y&R are both Bell shows, yet they're not even comparable. In fact, I don't recall B&B ever being this bad in the past. It's always been a little campier than Y&R, but never to the point where it seemed like they were being terrible on purpose just so Joel McHale could make fun of them.
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