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Mar 6 2009, 09:18 PM
Thanks, Ellie.

I agree, Ponz, that I feel like there has been a faux reveal...I couldn't wait for Kate and Lucas to find out, and now that Kate knows, I don't care if Lucas doesn't find out because I have no sympathy for him for some reason in this scenario.
Maggie knows and his mom knows and NOBODY can tell him? Really? How shitty is that?

The fact that this wedding happens surprises me though. Shame nobody can come through for the guy. Not his fiances, or his wives and now not his fierce momma or his sponsor. Why isn't Sami breaking this wedding up?
I suppose Lucas shouldn't be too upset that Kate and Maggie kept the truth from him considering he couldn't handle the truth the first time around. They are really writing Lucas as a total loser in this storyline. At least with the EJ/Sami storyline last year Lucas was a stronger character. Shooting EJ in the back was a bold move he took action and his mommy wasn't involved until she tried to get him to skip the country before he got caught. Now we have Kate back in as the meddling mom and Lucas gets weaker and weaker.
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