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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Mar 8 2009, 08:28 AM
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Begrudge the woman who coerced a young pregnant teen in to giving her baby to her to raise, with the promise that she would love and cherish it - only to have her turn around within the hour and trade up to a different baby that better suits her scheme? Sorry. What was I thinking. ^o)

I don't think Nicole will wind up with nothing. I suspect she'll wind up with Brady mopping up her mess as best he can behind her. But under NO circumstance should she wind up with anyone else's baby. The very idea is horrific. :shame:
well as a fan of sami who has committed some of the worst crimes in daytime history, i figured you could see the point that just because someone does bad things doesn't mean they deserve to lose everything. no other villain has, so why should nicole be the first?

i also wouldn't say she coerced mia. its not like she found some happy pregnant woman who was ready to give birth and raise her child and then talked her into giving it up. mia always wanted to give the baby up for adoption.
I should clarify - I don't believe that Nicole will lose everything. I doubt very much once all is revealed that she'll actually be sent to prison for the kidnapping of the EJamlet and I do think she and Brady will wind up in a romantic relationship. She will be eventually redeemed because, let's face it, Ari Zucker is too talented an actress to completely hang her out to dry. Much like James Scott proved to be too valuable to completely throw under the bus after the 12/29 story. My point is - regardless of what happens to Nicole at the very least she should not be permitted access to either of the babies that she has victimized in this story. I'm not even saying she might not be able to adopt a baby somewhere down the road with Brady or whomever the love interest is...but the thought that she should have any type of relationship with either Mia or Sami's baby after this is all said and done is appalling.
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