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The way Nicole went about adopting Mia's baby is what is wrong with the whole thing. She did it to deceive EJ, not to help Mia out in any way. And if Mia is coming back to Salem, broke it seems, after calling Nicole twice and being told to never call again..why exactly is Nicole deserving of being with either of these babies? One she stole, one she abandoned to trade up. If Nicole gets a little jail time, it would be fine with me. Brady can visit her and tell her how great she looks in orange..after a month or so, she can be found free to go by reason of temporary insanity. Then if it happens that she has another miracle..but has to be in complete bed rest with only Brady by her side, fine and dandy.

Sami, as I said, never got off scott free for anything. If you call being frightened to death that she could have gotten the death penalty again for that trumped up treason charge not a punishment, then what can I say? Nicole has never been totally caught and punished IN ANY WAY for her crimes of conspiracy to commit murder, bigamy, blackmail, or committing mayhem on Chloes face.

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