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Mar 10 2009, 04:30 AM
Mar 9 2009, 11:08 PM
If Panache is her production company and it was making $28k a month, why is she still not making that money? Did DAYS own her company too?
I imagine that her "company" was designed for tax purposes. Rather than getting a "check payable to Dee Hall" from Corday Productions, the check was written to her production company. This is fairly common with small businesses. The individual is then paid by the "company".

What's most shocking is that this puts her DOOL salary at roughly 350K, maybe even less if her production company generates reenue through the marlena dot com site.

Also, I imagine that some of the $$$ for hair and makeup were for actual people that did the work.
You need to read everything, icluding the PDF photocopy of court documents. Apparently, Panache Inc. is Deidre´s loan out corporation. Corday was paying to the company and the company paid Deidre $28k a month for basic expenses, plus she could ask for an additional advances if needed which was subtracted from her year-end bonus.

Part of the photocopy is Profit/Loss statement from that company for 2008, with all the incomes and expenses included and it says Deidre´s fee was $1,238, 656! Not bad at all.

Her incomes from other sources were roughly $35000. Her income from DH fan club $520. Ouch!

Her year-end bonus for 2008 is 560000, but from that she had to paid back the advances $148000, the taxes $240k + $70k and some other expenses, so she got only $93,880k.

And her December paycheck from Corday was $60k.

As for her moneywoes the company started with carryover balance of $451k from 2007 and her net income in 2008 is $180k, so there is more then $600k still in the vault. Plus she can have her own personal bank accout which is not included.
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