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Thaao Penghlis and Leann Hunley conducted a lively online chat on Saturday. Included was the following:

- Tony will be found dead, but there will be no funeral (as Thaao said in the chat, "just like no wedding").

- Thaao was asked whose idea it was to bring back Anna. Thaao said that "the seed was planted three years ago", but that Hogan Sheffer was the one who was interested; Sheffer "saw our past history and loved the characters". However, "the newer writer didn't", and with the transition in writers came the transition in storylines, "especially the DiMera feud with the brothers".

- Thaao said he told Ken Corday that he thought it was "hostile" that Tony had been killed so many times and that Anna was not there to support Tony. Thaao said Corday "just put his head down and didn't look at me".

- Leann spoke about when the Anna character originally debuted on Days and about Anna's transformation into more of a comical character. Leann said that "I think it was kind of a little bit of chemistry and the more confident I was feeling especially by making the cameraman chuckle"; she said that "they didn't like the funny side, they wanted it to be serious but I'd change it."

- Regarding Thaao's current Emmy pre-nom, he said "the studio put up Peter Reckell and James Reynolds and I was a secret ballot and got it."

- Leann spoke about her favorite scene (of the current run, presumably): "when I came back last year and was wearing a green face mask." She was also asked about her first onscreen kiss: "It was about 25 years ago. I think it was when I drugged Thaao and married him and woke up with a smile on his face. Those were the days when they knew how to write."

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