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Mar 4 2009, 02:43 PM
Mar 4 2009, 02:39 PM
I really hope Chloe isn't knocked up. The last thing this show needs is MORE babies. And there should be a moratorium on WTD storylines.
Maybe it's a false alarm because Kate still wants to kill her two weeks later.
Plus, a pregnancy will mess up all the future Danloe porn scenes.
hahaha of course i was thinking the same thing...we need more porn scenes before she is showing. ok, but if she really is pregnant..if shes with lucas at the time, then it will be daniels baby...if shes with daniel, it will be lucas'.

please dont have her tied to lucas when she should be with daniel!! i wont be able to watch..i am just counting the days until shes back with daniel.

maybe kate will try to slowly poison her and daniel will save the day and their baby.

im getting tired of these stupid stories. :sleep:

all i want is a good hot romance for danloe..is that too much to ask?? :hail:
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