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Mar 10 2009, 12:58 PM
- Tony will be found dead, but there will be no funeral (as Thaao said in the chat, "just like no wedding").

- Thaao was asked whose idea it was to bring back Anna. Thaao said that "the seed was planted three years ago", but that Hogan Sheffer was the one who was interested; Sheffer "saw our past history and loved the characters". However, "the newer writer didn't", and with the transition in writers came the transition in storylines, "especially the DiMera feud with the brothers".

- Thaao said he told Ken Corday that he thought it was "hostile" that Tony had been killed so many times and that Anna was not there to support Tony. Thaao said Corday "just put his head down and didn't look at me".

- Regarding Thaao's current Emmy pre-nom, he said "the studio put up Peter Reckell and James Reynolds and I was a secret ballot and got it."
Not surprised there won't be a funeral. Tony didn't get any screentime devote to just him while he was alive. Why would he now that he's dead?

I'm going to assume that it was a admission that it was Thaao who "planted the seed" for Anna's return. And it's always been obvious that Higley had no intentions on ever writing for Tony and Anna. When they did have a storyline, it was during the strike. And then the stuff they had during the hospital lockdown was a result of Ed Scott's work, not Higley's. Once Higley came back, Tomlin was on, and Anna was never seen again and Tony's airtime was reduced greatly.

Part of me feels bad for Corday based on what Thaao said. You can tell that he really loves his cast and crew. He sees them as family. But he has gotten himself into jam after jam after jam in the last few years and now decisions are being made that are hurting those family-like relationships he has with the cast. I bet if Corday could have it his way, everyone would be on the show. However, that's not possible with the money.

I get why the cast would nominate Reckell for the pre-nomination, but I don't get Reynolds or Penghlis. They were not lead this year. At all. If anyone should've been nominated over both actors, it was James Scott. He was the lead actor this year.
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