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Viewing Single Post From: Some tidbits from Thaao Penghlis' online chat

Mar 10 2009, 01:29 PM

Thaao was asked whose idea it was to bring back Anna. Thaao said that "the seed was planted three years ago", but that Hogan Sheffer was the one who was interested; Sheffer "saw our past history and loved the characters". However, "the newer writer didn't", and with the transition in writers came the transition in storylines, "especially the DiMera feud with the brothers".

I always thought Higley attempted to write for Tony/Anna at the beginning with the ad agencies war/intern storyline, but it got really bad response and I think the budget made impossible to even show Tony/Annaīs offices as much as needed, so they let it fizzle.

But there was some honest attempt to give them something and even adress the original dynamic of Tonny/Anna relationship and I think that was Higleyīs work.

As for Corday, thatīs nothing new. So many characters/actors stayed way too long with nothing to do just because Corday was too much coward to let them go. And some his attempts to save his face were downright ridiculous, like turning Adrienne into Bonnie clone with no story/place on the show just because he felt ashamed to let Judy Evans just go.

Thatīs why someone like Tomlin was needed years ago.
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