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Melanie is definitely one of the "hair models" of this show! I know they were trying to get another "bad girl or bitch" for the show, but you still have both Nicole and Sami on this show. With the whole purpose of every soap to have the bad girl have thay guy that is her weakness, with these two already having a strong following that cross ade demographics, the necessity of Melanie has still perplexed me! :shame:

As far as romantic duos. I'm not sure there are any good ones now. :embarrassed: I guess you have a nice possibility with Will and Mia. They just have to allow these two to actually fall in love first and not rush this thing! Let us as an audience fall in love with them as a couple and begin to root for them! This could also I maybe with either Sami and Nicole's many men! I could see either EJ and Sami, or Sami & Rafe, or Nicole & Brady or Nicole & EJ! IF it were written write! Right now I don't root for anyone on this show except Bo & Hope, and right now they're trying to ONCE AGAIN screw with them! :frustration: Leave these two alone! :angry: This was one of the couples that you truly got to see not the chemistry of these two from the get go. But what romance, longing and two people falling in love in the soap world looked like! :makeout: Days can still do this, I think, if they just look to their past history and its couples! Still. That's just my opinion. :eyeroll:
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