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Melanie/Stephanie/Chelsea/Philip/Daniel/Chloe/Lucas.. Including to a certain but much lesser extent the
Ejami/Ejole/Safe Dynamic appeals to the >Teen to Twentysomthings audience.(This Ejami/Ejole/Safe grouping has atleast some story growth and potential for depth)
The same audiece that watches.. OC/One Tree Hill/BH 90210/Laguna beach, The Real World, and Various reality hook up shows.
Sex without romance (Because frankly Teens dont have a true understanding of whats really Romantic) They enjoy the casual nature of the "Love stories" we have seen lately. They are rooting for who is "Hot".. soft porn is what they are used to so it seems appropriate, and natural, They dont need "Bonds, and growth" that create an atmosphere for love and romance.

Personally for my taste, we have enough of these shows already, In prime time, and the ultra popular *Reality shows*
I find it sad that Daytime today feels the need to reduce themself to this genre.. These bad choices more then anything has been the downfall of soaps.. I enjoy younger cast members, but unless they are given growth time and story my investment in them is non-existant.
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