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Mar 10 2009, 03:32 PM
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Mar 10 2009, 03:07 PM
And another thing on how Tony's going to be exiting, especially now that he's not getting a funeral:

I feel like that, even though I get Tomlin/Whitesell/Higley want to be doing something exciting by having this whodunnit, they should have just had Tony and Anna leave town if they want to close the chapter of Tony DiMera, and Anna DiMera, forever. I mean Tony has died...what, a million times now? I just think it would have been better and more final for Tony and Anna to have their happily ever after.
I agree with you. Especially since this murder mystery is based on lame motivations that, unless your psychotic, you would never kill someone over. Plus, Tony's death has NO long lasting ramifications. It's useless.
No long lasting ramificition?! The murder starts the whole Kiriakis/DiMera war and rises it into a completely different lever. So far it was just business, now it gets personal. From the few leaked spoilers there are some huge ramication ahead for almost anyone involved and we know just the snippets so far.

This is a great chance to give Stefano/EJ some strong motivation to be really bad again and it actually makes sense, not like the vendetta stupidline or Andre/Tony´s attempt to destroy all true loves in Salem as revenge for who knows what.
I agree.

Unlike the other exits, this one seems planned and is furthering two big stories. They could've easily let Thaoo go months ago yet they kept him and we did start to get hints of what was to come in December and January when he began to get involved in Dimera affairs and started getting suspicious of Nicole. It also doesn't really seem to be a whodunit based on what we know. It seems like Philip and Tony fight and there is an accident and Philip gets blamed, which ups the Kiriakis/Dimera feud to a new level. That is what we know based on spoilers. Doesn't sound like a whole lot of mystery. I'm also not too upset about Tony not getting a funeral. I mean, it sucks that they will just kill him and that's it but it's not like he's a Bo or John or something. He's important but it's not really needed. I kind of see Tony as someone who would not want a big funeral type deal anyway.

I agree with Drew in that this is all Tomlin. You can tell Corday didn't want to do this but circumstances forced his hand. Obviously, it has hurt some relationships. I would've liked the massive changes to be more gradual but that couldn't happen and I blame Corday for that. The show needed to start weeding itself off the vets years ago instead of repeating the same stories with the supercouples over and over. If they had done that, things would be easier but too late for that. They did what they had to do and I think that is why Tomlin was brought on. He's a strong leader that will make the tough decisions. He did that in the early 90's at Days too only as a writer. He reminds me of Langan in that he can influence Corday and has managed to get Corday to give him control. Corday is clearly not involved in anything right now and that has not happened since Langan/JER's reign in the 90's. The show needs that and it needed an overhaul. I don't think Corday ever would've went this far if not for Tomlin and I do think the actors who have been released understand that, which is why you see Thaoo directing alot of jabs at Tomlin. It's clear who pushed for all this. I feel had for Corday because the reaction Thaoo described says it all. He hates that he had to do this and is probably ashamed.

While I do think Hogan liked Tony and Anna, I still think it was all Thaoo's idea and his mention of the "seeds being planted" suggests that to me. Hogan did nothing with LeAnn and Thaoo either. Once Andre died, Tony was barely on and we heard Tony and Anna left town. Once the strike began, they were brought back and went to work at ad agencies so Higley and the strike letters did make an attempt. They even tossed Kate in there with them but there was just so much upheaval in 2008 and Ed obviously wanted to use them too but once Tomlin came in, that was it. I think Tomlin is the one that put the kibosh on using them, not Higley.

I'm also a bit concerned about Thaoo being on some sort of secret ballot. JS said himself he did not submit so that took him out of the mix. JR had no business being on the ballot, at least not in lead, but neither did Thaoo. Yes, he had some work back in August that was great but that's it. I would hope PR gets a nod over him because Peter had far more material and I don't like the idea of this "secret ballot." I don't get that. Did he do that with help from some people at the show or did he do it behind everyone's backs? If he did, that just made him lose points with me. I know the show treated him like shit but this affects other cast members and I don't like things like that.

I'm glad Thaoo addressed alot of this and glad Leann was involved. It was an interesting read. I will miss them but I feel like they have already been gone for awhile.
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