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I guess the thing that I find truly disappointing with this show is that it has become a show basically involving six characters and only those characters! :scared: Days use to have storylines that were umbrella storylines that intertwined with everyone! The first serial killer storyline. The Prism storyline. Aremid! I use to tivo or tape these shows everyday! Now, I basically read the days in advance previews to see if I'm going to see certain characters! With Steve & Kayla, John & Marlena , Tony & Stephano and Nick & Chelsea gone or on their way out, Bo & Hope sightings are the only time this show warrents my machines. Unfortunately, lately this show has been so cruel as to only give these two up to about 3-5 minutes of airtime on the ENTIRE show! :frustration: RIDICULOUS! However, like I said JMO! :shrug:
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Some tidbits from Thaao Penghlis' online chat · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion