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Meeting Dylan and Taylor March 10, 02:27 PM

I am glad you all seemed to enjoy my interview with the very charming John Callahan. While I was visiting the photo shoot that featured him, I was also able to sit down and talk to two of the newest faces in Salem: Taylor Spreitler who plays Mia, and Dylan Patton who is playing the returned Will Horton Roberts. Both actors were awaiting their first "Days of our Lives" photo shoot when I got a hold of them and asked them what it was like to be on the show.

I approached Dylan first, who was everything he appears to be on screen. Cool, calm and relaxed. He doesn't seem too phased that he's about to participate in a big photo shoot and before that begins, he's sharing a wardrobe room with "Days'" superstar Ari Zuker and seasoned daytime veteran John Callahan. Here's what went down with my first sit-down interview with Dylan Patton.

Days Insider: How has it been sharing scenes with Alison Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo?

Dylan: Well, I did my screen test with Bryan, so I felt a little more comfortable acting around him. He's hilarious. Always making people crack up. He's great. Still looking forward to sharing more scenes with Ali.

Days Insider: Are there any particular scenes you're looking forward to?

Dylan: Well, I don't know as much as people think I know when it comes to upcoming storylines. The scripts that I do have in my hands right now, I can't share. It's super top-secret. I just want Will's story to go somewhere so I can stay on the show and people can stay interested in what my character is doing.

Days Insider: So far, has it been a lot of fun over there on the set in "Salem"?

Dylan: It has been fun. I have only been here for a handful of episodes. But, I want Will to stick around and who knows, maybe start a few relationships and break a few hearts. (laughs)

Days Insider note: It was hard not to notice Dylan glancing over in Ari's direction when delivering that last line in the interview.

Posted Image

Next up, I sat down and interviewed Taylor Spreitler, who was just as cool and collected. It must be a teenage thing.

Days Insider: Are you having fun so far with your character, Mia?

Taylor: She's kind of the role I always wanted to play. This character is giving me the leeway to be very dramatic, then very sad, then very happy. I am really looking forward to more scenes with "Will" because I get to go from being in this big adult scene being pregnant, to then acting like a teenager on the show.

Days Insider: Has it been fun being in scenes with Ari?

Taylor: I love Ari! She was there on my first day and helped me out so much. She always comes down to my dressing room to go over lines and she always just wants to get things done. She's great at giving pep talks right before a heavy scene.

Days Insider: Are there any characters you look forward to Mia having more scenes with on the show?

Taylor: I think Will's going to be fun to have scenes with. Look at him, he's so cute! He's also so nice. I am also looking forward to when Mia has to meet Will's parents.

Days Insider: Anything you can tell the fans to look forward to?

Taylor: Lets be honest, those fans know everything I already know, they probably know more! I can say watch out, because there is a lot of cool stuff about to happen in Salem, so keep watching!

Posted Image

Days Insider note: I don't know about you, but I think Salem is long overdue for a classic teenage love storyline. I can't wait to hear what kind of advice Lucas dishes to Will when it comes to the opposite sex. I think we are in for some very fun scenes. I also included some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot for you enjoy.

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