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Kate tried to get Chloe and Lucas to annul their marriage so they could "have a big wedding," but they refused. Kate was more determined than ever to get rid of Chloe and she had a plan -- poison! Back in Salem, Chloe felt nauseous and checked her calendar. Is she pregnant?

Chelsea was impressed when Max handled Theo in a difficult situation. Later, Bo learned Chelsea and Stephanie had found an apartment together. Father and daughter were on good terms, despite the fact that he wouldn't tell her what was bothering him.

Philip offered to buy the fuel formula back from Tony. Tony refused, and advised Philip to step out of his father's shadow. EJ and Stefano were shocked when Tony announced he was stepping out from under THEIR shadows. And he still planned on telling EJ about Nicole faking her pregnancy.

Nicole had her first drink in months, then called Brady for his help. She lured Tony out of his room, and snuck in and searched for the blueprints. No luck.

Nicole found Tony and Philip fighting on the pier. Tony started to leave and fell on a sharp piece of wood. Nicole didn't call 911 until Philip forced her to. At the hospital, things didn't look good for Tony, and it looked like Nicole might make sure it stayed that way!

Sami told unhappy Rafe she was bringing Grace home. They argued about it and were at odds until she learned he'd given up a job in NYC for her. They shared another kiss, then went to the convent together, where they baptized Grace, with Rafe as her godfather.

Hope learned from Bo that he'd had another vision. He had it again, and was shocked to see exactly who Hope was in bed with -- Roman! He was so upset he canceled a date with Hope, who grew more worried about her husband.


CDN TV Guide spoilers

Tony's plan to tell EJ the truth about the pregnancy is put on hold when he and Nicole overhear Sami's plans to adopt a baby; Chelsea is impressed with the way Max handles Theo.

Kate fantasizes about how to get rid of her annoying daughter-in-law; Tony dwells on his predicament about following in Stefano's shadow.

Victor fires Philip from Titan after losing the fuels project to the DiMeras; Hope tries to find out what's wrong with Bo.

Kate continues to push her plan to end Chloe's marriage to Lucas; Nicole finds Tony and Philip engaged in a deadly struggle.

Sami bids the convent farewell; EJ and Stefano discuss Tony's leaving the family and Stefano is determined to make Tony pay for abandoning them.

SOW Spoilers
Week of March 23rd:

- Philip meets with Tony
- Nicole has a new scheme
- Chelsea and Stephanie become roommates
- Stefano vows revenge

**UPDATED 3/17**

Daytime Dial spoilers

•Tony and Nicole overhear Sami say that she’s going to adopt a baby.

•Brady and Rafe meet for the first time at the Brady Pub.

•Bo sees the man in his vision with Hope — it’s Roman.

•Victor fires Philip from Titan.

•Chloe feels nauseous and is not happy when she checks her calendar.

Thursday – Sami learns Rafe share a meaningful kiss before bringing Grace home from the convent.

Friday – Tony and Philip have a deadly struggle on the pier.


**UPDATED 3/18**


- Stefano vows to make Tony pay.
- Stephanie and Chelsea decide to move in together.
- Philip and Tony strike a deal.


- Maggie realizes Daniel's sacrifice.
- Max reaches out to Theo.
- Sami tells Stefano and EJ she has adopted a baby.
- Nicole requests Brady's help on a new scheme.
- Sami and Rafe pick up Grace from the convent.

Daily spoilers

Monday, March 23rd
Lucas and Chloe find Kate at the Justice of the Peace; Chelsea and Theo run into Max at the pier; Sami gets defensive; Brady realizes that Rafe has feelings for Sami.

Tuesday, March 24th
Kate wonders how she can get rid of her new daughter-in-law; Daniel visits Brady; Bo tells Hope that he's had another vision.

Wednesday, March 25th
Brady asks Tony to meet him at the pier; Philip gets fired; Bo gets upset when he sees Hope talking to Roman.

Thursday, March 26th
Kate apologizes to Daniel; Nicole confronts Mia; Philip and Tony get into a fight; Sami and Rafe kiss.

Friday, March 27th
Sami asks Sister Agnes about Rafe's past; Daniel apologizes to Chloe; Bo lies to Hope; Stefano, E.J. and Philip have a confrontation.

**UPDATED 3/21**

More Daily spoilers

Monday, March 23rd
Tony and Nicole overhear Sami say she's going to adopt a baby; Brady and Rafe meet for the first time at the Brady Pub; Kate tells the newlyweds she's unhappy that they got married without telling her; Chelsea is impressed with Max's handling of Theo.

Tuesday, March 24th
Bo finally sees that the man in his vision with Hope is Roman; Lucas defends Chloe and urges Kate to trust her; Daniel pays Brady a visit; Philip meets Tony on the pier and offers to buy the formula back.

Wednesday, March 25th
Victor fires Philip from Titan; Nicole tells Brady that Tony knows about her fake pregnancy; Hope tries to find out what's wrong with Bo; Chelsea senses that something is bothering her dad.

Thursday, March 26th
Sami and Rafe share a meaningful kiss before bringing Grace home from the convent; Daniel congratulates Chloe on her marriage; Nicole confronts Mia about telling Tony the truth; Philip and Brady square off and Philip tells Brady he was fired.

Friday, March 27th
Tony and Philip have a violent struggle on the pier; Chloe feels nauseous and is not happy when she checks her calendar; Sami asks Rafe to be Grace's godparent; Bo lies to Hope about his visions.
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