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IA with whoever said Tony should not have returned. But, since they went that route, I think the departure by death is...lame. It never frickin' sticks on this show, especially with this character. What the hell kind of weak-ass "dramatic" impact is that? Ooh- he's gone...again...if it's even him...

Again, though, since they went that route I think they should have tied Tony's death to John's paralysis & the feud between the Dimera brothers. EJ has been the one behind it all- plotting to bring in the random psychotic doctor, then taking out Tony, and now with whatever Stefano's health thing is. Gives EJ something to do, gives him an excuse for not noticing Nicole's fake pregnancy, incorporates the departures into an overarching storyline, makes Sami's Dimera fear more reasonable- I don't see a downside. Since this is a Dimera, once we learn what EJ has done, once they reveal it on screen they can brain-chip/evil twin it so the character is salvageable. Though at that point they'll have moved on to Sami/Rafe and Nicole/Brady so he won't be necessary.

At the very least they should have a funeral. A funeral is an Event. It's a great excuse to get characters together (better than everyone showing up at some random convent, imho), and it's perfect for a Reveal or a confrontation (since it's a stressful event). If Tony or "Tony" has to die, they might as well get as much mileage as they can from it.

Also- what's with the "hair model" thing? Hair models have to have a certain amount of skill (motor control to show off the hair properly, neck strength to hold up the head). And decent hair, one would think. Bad soap actors often have neither. Especially on Days where the stylists are very clearly pissed off about something.
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