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Mar 11 2009, 12:25 AM
Mar 10 2009, 04:21 PM
I'm also a bit concerned about Thaoo being on some sort of secret ballot. JS said himself he did not submit so that took him out of the mix. JR had no business being on the ballot, at least not in lead, but neither did Thaoo. Yes, he had some work back in August that was great but that's it. I would hope PR gets a nod over him because Peter had far more material and I don't like the idea of this "secret ballot." I don't get that. Did he do that with help from some people at the show or did he do it behind everyone's backs? If he did, that just made him lose points with me. I know the show treated him like shit but this affects other cast members and I don't like things like that.
I read that differently. To me, it sounds like the studio was pushing Reckell and Reynolds, but he was able to get a nod because the voting was by secret ballot.
We didn't read it differently. I said the same thing as you and I don't like it. Reynolds had no business being up either but neither did Thaoo, at least not in lead. Not this year. There isn't a justification for it like last year. I mean, it happens with alot of people on other shows but fair is fair and I will be upset if he gets in over Peter Reckell because Peter was a lead and I don't like Thaoo doing this in secret like this. It's almost like doing it to prove a point. It comes off cocky to me and I've never heard of someone doing what Thaoo did.
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