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Ari Zucker is interviewed by both SOD and SOW this week.

Zucker explains that as Nicole and EJ plan Sydney's christening, "Nicole is just a mess", especially since she's nervous about the fact that Sami is back in Salem and will be attending the christening.

However, Nicole doesn't realize that Mia is also back in Salem. Mia goes to the DiMera mansion and runs into Tony, who asks Mia why she's there. Mia blurts out that she's there to see "her baby", but then she runs off.

Tony then goes to the christening and sees Nicole there. Zucker says that Thaao Penghlis "was so good and creepy about it"; Tony confronts Nicole in private and says "I know". He tells Nicole that he spoke with Mia and that Mia told him some things that were very interesting. Nicole at first tells Tony that Mia just blurts things out and can't be trusted, but then when Tony doesn't buy that, Nicole tells him that Mia is lying and is only trying to blackmail her. Tony then says that in that case, they should tell Stefano and EJ. But then Stefano comes over and interrupts them, and Tony doesn't say a word. As Zucker describes it, "Tony is torturning Nicole", but "this is not about Nicole; it's the perfect plan for [Tony] to get back at his father and brother." As she's listening to Tony, Nicole is scared that not only will everything be taken from her, but that her life may even be taken from her, because she's messing with the DiMeras.

The christening begins, and Tony and Lexie are named godparents. Tony doesn't say anything, but Nicole is so nervous that she faints. Zucker says that Nicole is nervous because Tony is "not just stabbing the knife in her back; he's slowly twisting it. She's thinking that's it; EJ is going to stick her head in the holy water and drown her."

Nicole comes to and little Sydney is christened. But at the reception afterwards, Tony tells Nicole about his plan: he is going to get revenge on EJ by revealing the truth at the moment when it will have the most impact. Of course, Nicole is terrified; Zucker explains that while Nicole is worried about EJ, "it's all about her losing her perfect life."

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