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This week's SOW features an interview with Peter Reckell.

Reckell relates that Bo had a vision of Hope sleeping with someone, but Bo didn't know who it was. Bo then sees Hope and Daniel talking at the hospital, and when Daniel leaves, Bo confronts Hope and asks her, "Where did that come from? Why do you want to go have coffee with this guy?" Hope asks Bo if he's jealous. SOW says that Bo is sensitive and suspicious because of his visions, and Reckell clarifies that "Daniel is the first one this happens with. There are going to be a couple of others."

Reckell says that Bo's nervousness comes in part from the fact that Bo's visions have come true. Bo had a vision about Hope and Kayla, and "Bo thought it was stupid", but it really happened in the end. Reckell continues, "now here's another [vision] of his wife sleeping with another man. That's stupid too. But what is Bo supposed to do, suddently believe his visions aren't going to happen? Bo's just trying to ignore this one."

After this, however, Bo has yet another vision of Hope in bed with another man, and in the vision, Hope says she never thought Bo's visions would come true. Reckell explains that the visions are getting progressively more detailed.

When these visions start, Hope tells Bo that he just has to put them out of his mind. But Bo reminds Hope that she'd wanted him to tell her about the visions. "Bo's like, 'Okay, I can't talk about them, but I'm supposed to talk about them. Which do you want me to do?'"

Reckell explains another source of Bo's anxiety: While Bo thinks that there's no way Hope would sleep with someone else, "the other part is going, 'But oh crap, she's going to sleep with someone else.' It's a huge conflict, and it's driving Bo crazy."

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