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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Big changes!

Remember how I said Max and I could never date again? Well, itís time to rethink that little statement. In a big, big way!

It all started with a kiss. Doesnít it always?! Sorry, if I sound a little giddy, itís because Ö I am! Anyway, after all this time of telling everyone that we were ďjust friends,Ē Max and I kissed, which is not necessarily something that ďfriendsĒ do. Friends with benefits, maybe, but Iím really not that into that kind of thing. I either want all the romance and everything or nothing at all. But, we kissed and I knew that I had to tell Stephanie. Wasnít looking forward to her reaction, but Ö My resolution for 2009 (and for the rest of my life) is to NOT get in trouble for lying or covering things up. Simple way to do it? TELL THE TRUTH! So I told Stephanie. She was surprised, and despite what she said, I donít think she was too happy. She said she was cool with it, but I just donít completely believe it. Especially since she and Philip are currently on the outs. I thought they could be really good for each other, but Iím beginning to doubt it. She needs a really, really stand-up guy and Philip may not be that person.

Anyway, long story short, Max and I didnít end with a kiss. Well, that first time, and several more, if Iím gonna be honest, we did, but Ö How do I say this? We made love! It was Ö Great. Seriously. After everything weíve been through, and maybe because we know each other so well, it was amazing. I wasnít really totally sure I was ready and then, suddenly, I was. Then, of course, my dad was none too pleased with the whole situation. He totally blew a fuse and I thought it was ..OVER.. between the two of us. Iím getting that it wasnít the smartest thing Iíve ever done to make love to a guy in my dadís house. Didnít expect to get caught, but, there you go. My dad apologized later, but I honestly canít fully blame him for being angry. Now, I just have to figure out exactly where Max and I stand. Iím not worried, but we do need to talk!

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