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This wouldn't play for me earlier, but now it is and I'm kind of wishing it still wasn't working, LoL. This promo is awful!

First, why are the promos so short these days, and why are they giving EVERYTHING away?! The whole purpose of a promotional advertisement is to entice people to watch. Get them intrigued so that they'll tune in for the big moment. Instead, NBC just gives it all away in the span of twenty seconds. Rather than showing the actual Tony/Nicole confrontation, they should've ended it with a shot of Tony talking to himself about knowing the truth and promising to confront her with the truth. That's what you call a teaser. That's what makes people want to tune in.

Who's going to waste five hours a week watching the show when they can get a summary of the big events in less than half a minute? There's no point in buying the cow when NBC is tossing the milk our way for free.

As for the story being promoted, the most interesting thing I found is that Arianne's hair no longer looks like a wig from the 70's that's been stuffed in a box for the last three decades. So... kudos to the hairdressers, I guess.
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