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Mar 13 2009, 10:03 PM
Mar 13 2009, 09:54 PM

What more do they need to do? Fight all the time? Harass each other? Roll their eyes? Run out of bed after other men? Will it be true love then?

Hmmm...well for starters, how about telling the truth? Starting with the fact that she lost their baby months ago and elected not to tell him or give him the opportunity to grieve that loss with her. Or the whole thing with strapping on the rubber baby belly while she ran around town 'shopping for a bargain basement baby to pass off' as his. And then the topper - that not only did she find such a baby, but as it turns out there was a special and lucky her she got to trade up by stealing the baby that Sami had just had. So instead of telling EJ that Sami was pregnant, reportedly with his baby, and letting him deal with it she opted to keep that a secret from him, too - and then kidnap/steal the baby. Oh...and I almost forgot - but to top it all off she has been lying to him for all these months but trusted Brady enough to confide in him.

Yep...that's true love for you. :rolleyes:
Then by your rationale...truth? Sami's in the same lying boat w/Nicole?!

I can say that EJ will care for Sami in his fucked-up possessive way, but you see that EJ cannot be in love with Nicole and vice versa. Just how many anvils to they have to throw at people to see that?? The SL works BECAUSE EJ will be crushed when he finds out about Nicole's lies.

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