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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

I didn't say that EJ doesn't love Nicole - or at least who he thinks she is. I said Nicole loves herself first and foremost - as evidenced by her actions both past and present. If this were going to be a real and lasting relationship they would have had Nicole share her grief over losing their baby with EJ, despite her fear that it was the only thing keeping him with her. (Which is just another example of the shaky ground they started on...) But I do think that EJ would have stood by her if she had done that. They might not have gotten engaged when they did, but it could have happened eventually because the loss of a child would have been a bonding experience for them. Nicole chose to protect her interests first and foremost and she's still choosing to do exactly that.

Anvils? Oh I definitely see them. This last love scene for them was chock full of them. The repeated "I love you's' and telling each other how very happy they both are. You know how that goes - couples just don't stay so blissfully happy on soaps, particularly not when one of them is completely and totally making a fool of the other. But the biggest anvil was EJ telling her to never change. :laugh: It was said to simply point out to the audience how utterly fooled his is by her. I agree he's going to be devastated when the truth all comes out - and his hurt and anger will be at both women. But Sami's betrayal in no way compares to the lengths to which Nicole has deceived him - not even close. Sami hid her truth from him - but she hasn't made him look like a bumbling fool.
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