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Mar 14 2009, 01:04 AM
Mar 13 2009, 10:08 PM
Um ... this is a soap. When the hell did lying and keeping a secret from someone mean they didn't love them?

Well the hard facts are lying and keeping a secret do not in the long run mean they get a happily ever after. IN this case, Nicole is more in love with the idea of her happy ever after oh so perfect ending no matter who or what she has to screw over (including two babies who she will use for her own ends) to get what she thinks is her due.

So her lying and scheming will lose her EJ, but luckily for her, Brady still will think she is adowable. Of course until she screws him over for something or someone else.

And my heart broke for EJ during that as well, but all of it was predicated on some of his own scheming. He arranged for Lucas to get out and for Lucas to end up being put in the situation of living in the mansion.
Also EJ arranged the immigration fix. Dumb story line, but again, what we got was what we got.

Sami had lots of reasons to distrust EJ from all their past history, she had moved past it, so with the May lovemaking, again, if EJ had not allowed the Nicole to wrap her misty cirlce around his nose, and had remained as the man who said he would always be there for Samantha..who knows..but we got what we got cuz we got the writer that we have. You can either accept the motivation she ascribes to Sami, or decide the writer is lying about Samis motivations, and of course Nicole is totally in love with EJ and only stole Sami's baby and dumped Mias because she is so totally in love with EJ and has not a selfish motivation in her misty mind.

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