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Ok...I will concede the promos have gotten too short. This must have been part of the cuts because I remember Passions' promos got cut like this after a major budget slashing too. It doesn't seem to be hurting the show because the ratings are still doing well. I don't see many promos for Days in primetime anyway and I doubt many even bother to view it online outside of soap boards and such. I do recall Days promos being this short in 1999 for awhile though. Eventually, they got longer again.

I also like the purple hourglass at the end. It's been in the last few promos. I remember they've done that before only the hourglass was blue and there was also one a few years ago that was a real hourglass in the background shot. I like it. It looks classy.

The material looks good. I can't wait to see this unfold and I'm sure Thaoo and Ari will be great, especially based on spoilers. I also love Ari's hair like this. I like her much better with straight hair and the bangs make it look all the better.

I don't see how they gave away everything in this promo. Hell, the promos not even long enough to do so! They promoted the fact that Tony learns her secret. They don't tell you what happens after. Does he tell her? What does Nicole do? What about EJ? None of that is in here. It's simply Tony learning the truth, which will be enough to get people to watch to see what he does and what Nicole does. I don't even see how anyone can make that claim about this promo. If anything, you want them to give you MORE in this promo to suggest if there will be more to what is going on. That is what angers me about these promos. They are too short and the editing sucks. Mason alluded to it and it's a good point. They need to amp it up with these promos a bit. They could've easily went further and showed the baptism and Tony sneaking around just to add to dramatic effect. It's like they don't even care anymore about the promos and they just toss them out there. That's the way they've seemed since January. I mean, it's not hurting the ratings but that doesn't make it right.

Maybe they are saving costs for a big summer promotional campaign or maybe they are taking the idea of less spoilers being better too far but I wish they would work on these promos and improve them a bit. This is better then the last few but not by much. If anything, the fact that they focused on a big twist is what salvaged anything out of it unlike the last few which focused on minor things like Kate playing games with Daniel and Chloe and Rafe/Sami/EJ drama. The explosion was the last promo to focus on anything big until this one.
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