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So anyway ... I have this new ritual that I've been doing for a while, which is going through my Melrose DVD collection and having a mini marathon on one of my days off. I'm on Disc 7 (of 8) in Season 3 and just bought Season 4. Season 3 was such a hot mess and probably one of my favorites. It still had that nostalgic element from the early seasons before it really got over the top and characters began to change on a dime as everyone slept with each other and hated each other. Just finished the episode in which Brooke feels up Billy at dinner with Allison and Brooke's fiancee right there, Kimberly uses the settlement check from the city to bribe Michael into dumping Amanda, but instead, he serves her with divorce papers and she tries to kill herself. Allison is acting president of D&D and a real powerhungry bitch, especially towards Jo. Oh, and the cringeworthy Dan Cortese's Jess just moved to Melrose, sweet-talked Jake into hiring him at Shooters and giving him a place to live. Syd catches him going through Jake's files, but he threatens her with harm if she tells Jake.

Good stuff! This new Melrose, as excited as I am about it, will NEVER top the original.
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