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Monday, March 16th
Kate heads to Las Vegas to try to stop Chloe and Lucas' elopement; EJ and Nicole make plans to have Sydney christened; Stefano asks Nicole why she was at the convent; Tony tries to convince Melanie that he should be her partner in the fuels project.

Tuesday, March 17th
Brady tells Philip to stay away from Nicole; Bo gets jealous when he sees Hope's arm around Daniel; Kate develops a devious new plan; Bo warns Stephanie to be careful with Philip; Melanie plots to steal the fuels project plans from Max.

Wednesday, March 18th
Friends and family prepare for Sydney's christening; Mia arrives at the DiMera mansion; Melanie fears that Tony is going to double-cross her; Max becomes furious with Melanie.

Thursday, March 19th
Tony reveals to Nicole that he knows the truth about her pregnancy; Philip vows to make Tony pay for taking the fuels project; Sydney's christening continues; Lexie is hesitant about leaving Theo at the mansion; Rafe reconnects with Sister Agnes at the convent.

Friday, March 20th
Stefano hints to EJ that Nicole is hiding something; EJ overhears Sami say she's going to pick up Grace and bring her baby home; Lexie and Sami both run into Mia at the church; Will asks Mia if she'll be attending Salem High.
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