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Mar 13 2009, 09:04 PM
First, why are the promos so short these days, and why are they giving EVERYTHING away?! The whole purpose of a promotional advertisement is to entice people to watch. Get them intrigued so that they'll tune in for the big moment. Instead, NBC just gives it all away in the span of twenty seconds. Rather than showing the actual Tony/Nicole confrontation, they should've ended it with a shot of Tony talking to himself about knowing the truth and promising to confront her with the truth. That's what you call a teaser. That's what makes people want to tune in.

Who's going to waste five hours a week watching the show when they can get a summary of the big events in less than half a minute? There's no point in buying the cow when NBC is tossing the milk our way for free.
Sorry I missed most of this discussion, but I just want to say that I couldn't agree more on this.

Below, I've embedded an example of a well-done promo. Why do I think it's done well?

1) It begins with a summary of events leading up to the 'big moment', including clips from even a year before. This is essential for a soap promo, since otherwise lapsed viewers are reluctant to jump back in, because they think they may have missed too much. Also, the rest of the promo won't make sense to non-viewers without this part. In the below example, we learn, in about 15 seconds, that J&M had an affair wherein Marlena cheated on Roman and that J&M, and Marlena specifically, are terrified that the truth will come out.

2) It sets up the newest conflict. In the below example, we learn that Stefano (though they don't say his name) found out about J&M's affair.

3) We see Marlena seeing Stefano as we hear "This week, her world is going to crumble." We do not see Stefano talking to Marlena (actually, he never did), and we are left with so many questions, which lead us to want to watch. What happens after Stefano sees Marlena? Does he confront her? Does everyone else learn her secret? If so, how?

This differs so significantly from this week's Days promo, which though it is shorter, has the following issues:

1) No summary of the storyline leading up to this week. People who haven't been watching have no idea whether Tony is correct.

2) No conflict set up. Is Nicole nervous someone will find out? Why? Will it impact her marriage to EJ? Does that have anything to do with Sami? None of these questions are addressed or even hinted at.

3) The Tony/Nicole clip gives us more answers than questions. Ok, so Tony knows her secret (again, unless people are watching, they don't know if he's right). He tells her. The end. No really, this promo seems to sum up the week's storyline pretty well. If people's questions are "then what happens", then watching this week won't answer that! People's questions need to be on the current week's story, and I think this promo completely misses the mark there.

And here is how you do a promo...

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