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Ellie, that promo may have gave you a brief (and I stress BRIEF) rundown but it really doesn't do half the things you claim it does. Without the clip of J&M kissing on the desk, that promo leaves the viewer just as confused. Also, it tells you nothing about what the week in focus is about. It shows stuff that already happened building to that with J&M discussing what is happening but it's not exactly highly detailed for the viewer. The viewer would never guess that the affair produced Belle based on this promo. They would just assume it's about the sex and, without that brief J&M moment on the conference room table, they wouldn't even know that. They basically have to assume.

Not to mention the promo does the same thing the Nicole/Tony promo does. In the one you posted, Stefano just appears and the announcer implies he knows the secret but how would a new viewer know what exactly he knows? The same questions you have about the Tony/Nicole promo is the same questions many fans who don't watch would have about the J&M promo you posted. I really don't see much difference other then the promo you posted showed more old footage then footage about the week in focus and the issue with that is when Days does that presently in their promos people bitch that the promos don't have enough new content in them.

Also, promos back then were SEEN. Now, unless you are online all the time on boards or on the Days site, chances are you won't see the promo. Days promos hardly air in primetime anymore. Not to mention most of the people who do see the promo are avid watchers or at least know enough to know what is going on.

I also doubt the show has the money to put as much effort as they used to in the promos. Yes, they need to be longer and a bit better but they can't be highly stylized anymore. It's just not possible the way NBC is right now.

I honestly don't think it even matters because it's not like the promos have hurt the show. The promos have been like this since January and the show has gained viewers. It would be nice if they were better but I don't see it killing the show, especially with how little they are actually seen. I wouldn't want them too detailed anyway. Less is more. Just a little bit of setup and focus on the action of the week without giving up the pivotal moments and that is just fine. That J&M promo you posted, to me, is nothing but rehash and is even worse then the Tony/Nicole promo, which at least focuses on this week and gives you an idea of something big going on with Nicole's story.
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