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Mar 14 2009, 11:21 PM
Mar 14 2009, 11:08 PM
How did I know you'd respond? :smile:

Without the clip of J&M kissing on the desk, that promo leaves the viewer just as confused.
I completely disagree - the V/O says that they betrayed her husband, and they show Roman's face. I think it explains everything. People watching know what kissing can lead to... I don't think they needed to show the desk, and either way, they probably couldn't if the promo aired in a different timeslot.

Also, it tells you nothing about what the week in focus is about. It shows stuff that already happened building to that with J&M discussing what is happening but it's not exactly highly detailed for the viewer.
Right, that is exactly my point. It should 'tease' the week in focus, but not give it away.

The viewer would never guess that the affair produced Belle based on this promo.
That didn't come into play until a few weeks later. The reveal was done in two parts: First, Roman found out about J&M's affair, then a few weeks later, he (and J&M) found out about Belle.

Stefano just appears and the announcer implies he knows the secret but how would a new viewer know what exactly he knows?
Because the V/O tells the viewer that he found out, so the viewer knows that Stefano knows about J&M.

The same questions you have about the Tony/Nicole promo is the same questions many fans who don't watch would have about the J&M promo you posted.
I don't think so - I think I explained the differences in my previous post (but maybe I don't understand what you're saying.) The Tony/Nicole promo fills viewers in on the current week's events. The Stefano/Marlena promo makes viewers want to watch the current week.

when Days does that presently in their promos people bitch that the promos don't have enough new content in them.
I do see what you're saying about this, though I think in a well-constructed promo, the issue goes away some. This 30 second promo is 15 seconds of older footage, 15 seconds of new. The ones nowadays which contain older footage seems to have about 25 seconds old/5 seconds new.

I also doubt the show has the money to put as much effort as they used to in the promos. Yes, they need to be longer and a bit better but they can't be highly stylized anymore. It's just not possible the way NBC is right now.
Probably true, but imo they can do better with the resources (financial or otherwise) that they have.

That J&M promo you posted, to me, is nothing but rehash and is even worse then the Tony/Nicole promo, which at least focuses on this week and gives you an idea of something big going on with Nicole's story.
Well, as I explained, I completely disagree. Nothing new for us, right? :smile:
See, for me, giving away Stefano knowing is a major mistake. I would just hint at someone knowing and simply show Marlena's worried face. That is an issue for me with that promo and the current one with Tony and Nicole. I wish they had just kept it hidden who found out but I think they wanted to go for the chilling factor in both cases because both Stefano and tony provide a chilling presence in their appearances.

I don't think this promo gives away too much. I think the only thing missing is a setup. They just need something to ease you into the promo. That is really all that is missing.

Honestly, it's all subjective. Some people in this promo say it makes them want to watch but those people tend to be liking the show right now. Some feel the promo is a complete bust and those tend to be the people not watching or liking the show so that is probably critical to all this.

I guess we will have to disagree as usual, although I've been around much lately so it feels good to do that again :laugh:. I wasn't going to jump in on this but I couldn't help myself LOL.
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