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Mar 14 2009, 11:38 PM
See, for me, giving away Stefano knowing is a major mistake. I would just hint at someone knowing and simply show Marlena's worried face. That is an issue for me with that promo and the current one with Tony and Nicole. I wish they had just kept it hidden who found out but I think they wanted to go for the chilling factor in both cases because both Stefano and tony provide a chilling presence in their appearances.
I think in each promo, there is a decision made on "what to give away" and "what to hide". The thing is that with the Stefano/Marlena promo, I think (I'm not positive) the viewers already knew at that point that Stefano had found out or that he was in the process, which is why they gave that part away in the promo.

I guess we will have to disagree as usual, although I've been around much lately so it feels good to do that again :laugh:. I wasn't going to jump in on this but I couldn't help myself LOL.
Haha, same here about jumping in. Yep, we'll just have to disagree. And nice to have you back posting!!

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