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I love it! Days has been consistently 3rd place in the ratings and it's a shitheap :laugh: . Nevertheless, it's not smart for anyone to jump ship on their own with the economy. James Scott just signed so he is going nowhere and he seems happy with things.

As for Darin, he seemed open to working on Days and this show but he wasn't sure if Days was open to the idea of him potentially needing June, July, and August off, especially since those months are usually dominated by the young and Max is a character that would be frontburner in the summer months. Given what the show just did with Ali Sweeney, I wouldn't put it past them to come up with something similar for Max. They seem to like Darin and they wanted to give him a new love interest so maybe they come up with a story that isolates Max like Sami was isolated so they can pre-tape alot of stuff. I don't think the show wants him to go nor do I think Darin does because it's not the most stable situation. If the time off fell during the fall or winter, I bet the show would just write him out for a bit but the summer is a time when Max would be needed. If the show goes beyond the 12 episodes, I bet he will have to go and Days will have to figure something else out like recasting or just getting rid of the character.

I was ok with Chex this go round early on but they got old real fast and you could tell the show was hesitant because of both Darin and Rachel's situations. I think Max can be great in the right story and with the right love interest. I also think it would help if they develop Max as a character more like they started to do last year. Darin is talented and he's done good work. He just needs the right material.

Good for Darin though. I'm glad his show got picked up and I look forward to giving it a try.
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