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Mar 16 2009, 01:11 AM
Mar 16 2009, 01:01 AM
I love it! Days has been consistently 3rd place in the ratings and it's a shitheap :laugh: .
Well, right. I mean, you've got to draw the line somewhere, and in the current soap rankings, in my opinion, all shows except #1 are pretty terrible, which is why #1 is so far ahead of the rest of the pack. In other words, just because Days is better than GL doesn't mean it's a good show.

Given what the show just did with Ali Sweeney, I wouldn't put it past them to come up with something similar for Max.
I think a maternity leave is a different situation... the plan is that if all goes well, the actress will be back after a predetermined amount of time. With Darin, I'm not sure they'd be able to get that type of commitment from him. Would they give him the summer off knowing that he might not return after that??

Whether a show is great or not is subjective, which is why I said what I said jokingly. Another person's shit can be someone's else treasure and just as many people seem to be enjoying Days as those that hate it right now. Hell, maybe more like it then hate it. We have no idea and you can't cite just message boards. They are only a sample.

My other point was the economy sucks. Networks and studios are making cutbacks. Even if the show is shit creatively, actors are not just going to jump ship. It's not stable enough right now.

As for Darin and Days, Days clearly likes him and Darin indicated several times in his last interview that he wanted to stay and saw no reason why he couldn't do both. He just wasn't sure if Days was open to whatever the situation may be (and he hinted at having to film episodes in June, July, and August) but, if they like him so much and want to give him a new love interest, they will make it work if they want him that much.
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