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Mar 16 2009, 01:26 AM
Mar 16 2009, 01:21 AM
As for Darin and Days, Days clearly likes him and Darin indicated several times in his last interview that he wanted to stay and saw no reason why he couldn't do both. He just wasn't sure if Days was open to whatever the situation may be (and he hinted at having to film episodes in June, July, and August) but, if they like him so much and want to give him a new love interest, they will make it work if they want him that much.
That I agree with... they do seem to really like him. (Not sure why, though if a show likes someone like Nadia, I guess this makes sense.) I think at this point, especially where Days is so budget-conscious, they should really just get rid of him. I think Darin seems to be enjoying his new 'stardom', and the fact that he's doing a pilot in the first place tells me that Days might not be in his longterm career plans.
From a budget standpoint, sure it would make sense to let him go but I don't think he hurts them too much anyway in that regard. From a creative standpoint, it would hurt them a bit because it leaves Melanie with no tie to the canvas. She does not have a confidante and the show loses a familiar face that fits in with the next generation concept. I mean, the character has untapped potential. It's just that with every regime change we never get any consistent writing for him and his love interests keep leaving the show LOL.

I wouldn't say Darin does not have Days in his long-term career plans. If he didn't, why even bother to sign a contract last year? Why say that you are willing to do both? Why not just quit now? The fact that he hasn't yet tells me he doesn't want to leave for whatever reason (economy, etc). I mean, he landed a pilot and his name has been in a tabloids a bit. He's got more going for him then Rachel Melvin, who actually has quit, yet Darin has hinted at trying to make it work, which speaks volumes IMO.
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