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Mar 16 2009, 01:55 AM
Mar 16 2009, 01:51 AM
Mar 16 2009, 01:49 AM
I'm very happy to see his show got picked up. I can say I am a fan of Darin Brooks and think this show fits him perfectly. I hope its successful for his sake and thus him leaving DOOL. This is because the Max is a huge trainwreck that has needed to go since yesterday.

Phoenix, that whole thing with Melanie having no ties to the canvas can easily be fixed. Have Melanie and Max really bond as brother and sister to the point where they could say they love each other as family. Then have Max die. His dying wish could be for Caroline to take care of Melanie in his absence and BOOM that gets Caroline a miny story arc and can legitamitely keep Melanie around.
That would be great, Amello. Max and Melanie have already bonded so it could work, even if they have to rush it.

Thinking about it more, Melanie has been around long enough to go on by herself anyway. People know her now. Plus, she lives with Maggie and has bonded with her. I see them using Maggie more with her then Caroline. The current regime seems to love using Suzanne Rogers.
Yes, I agree she can stand on her own. But if Days were samrt they wouldn't have to rush anything.

Right now, they need to give Melanie a friend, someone to bond with.
The rushing I was talking about was referring to if Darin left. Darin would most likely have to leave quickly I would think so, if they went with what you suggested, they would have to set it up and execute quick unless they had more time then I think they would have.

Melanie does need a friend though. She's bonding with Brady of late but she needs a female that is her age. Kind of like what Jaime was to Sami. A female friend could take the place of Max as Melanie's conscience.

I recall Dena's daughter playing Melanie's friend in France back when Melanie first appeared. She wasn't bad. Maybe give her a try or recast that character with a more stronger actress.
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