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First, congrats to JB , he is really lucky guy his pilot was picked up. I think he is a really talented comedy guy, so it could be his big break. The promise of the show sounds pretty generic, but as Sainfeld says "Plot? What plot? Itīs a sitcom!"

As for DAYS and Max, I agree he will try to do both. Itīs just a thirteen episodes, the pay is probably nothing to write about, and it still can be canceled after few eps. Now, if Corday will be so generous to let him go for three months, thatīs another question, but with the production schedule the show has now I think itīs possible. Itīs not like Max is on a lot right now and he will need some time to "mourn" Chelsea anyway.

I think the problem is more if the show will want to invest into the character and his possible pairing when there is no assurance he will stay.
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