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Mar 16 2009, 04:53 PM
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How is that unfair? Nick killed someone, Max and Chelsea did not. They deserve a happy ending. Nick deserves what he's currently getting, which is jail.
Chelsea killed her baby brother (though it was an accident, the fact remains that Zack is dead because of her) and never saw a moment of jail time--in fact, she whined about community service. Max stuffed a dead body into a water heater to keep his girlfriend out of trouble, rather than doing the right thing and going to the authorities to explain what happened. He did about three minutes of community service for that.

And I think Tripp's point is that why did Nick have to be made a killer when they decided to let Blake go, whereas Rachel leaves (and possibly Darin does too) and they get a happy ending? Why don't they get the same shitty character destruction that Nick did?
Absolutely Paxton. Nick, who's murdering intentions actually had reasonable excuses that could have gotten him off (the pills and the insanity in his past). while Max showed no signs of remorse or hint of guilt given one of the most morbid things I've seen someone do on a soap opera outside of being connected to the mob.

Max also beat the hell of some random guy simply because he was in a bad mood. You know, Max losing his adopted father is the WORST KIND OF HELL and giving him license to act like an ass to anyone and everyone, while also hiding away his apparent math skills which he's left in the equation closet. Max was a complete jerk to everyone around him and even held a broken bottle up to his father's throat, but when they decided to let Nick Fallon go, let's just let him suddenly be the killer by stating he's addicted to pills and everyone waves bye to him because a Horton on this show isn't really worth trying to save.
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