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Mar 16 2009, 10:47 PM
Tammy...you know I was just thinking about this thread b/c I am watching my GG DVDs right now...Season 3!
LMAO, I am watching season 6 :P

One of my favorite scenes....

Blanche (Talking about her new relationship with Mel Bushman): It's all new and exciting. In many ways I feel just the way I felt when I was a virgin.

Sophia: You mean the feeling isn't going to last long?

Blanche: Are you implying that I lost my virginity at an early age?

Sophia: I'm just saying that you're lucky that Jack n Jill magazine didn't have a gossip column.

Dorthy: MA!

Sophia: Please pussycat I'm on a roll.

Blanche: I'm sorry Sophia but I am not going to let your scepticism ruin my entire evening. Mel and I were meant to be together.

Sophia: I wish I could say the same for you thighs. (She smiles) God I'm hot tonight!

Blanche: I'm not gonna stand for this!

Sophia: Take it Dorthy.

Dorthy: But I bet you'll lay down for it. (Dorthy laughs)

Sophia: Well that was just plain RUDE!

Blanche: Some people just don't know when to quit.
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