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Mar 17 2009, 05:30 AM
I really havenīt liked the story till now, but Tuesday preview and Boīs new vision peaked my interest. Itīs not so simple anymore, because Hope in the vision is openly making fun from Bo and how she is deceiving him. Itīs hard to explain just as the usual undecover misunderstanding anymore.

Plus, Iīm absolutely sure this story was pitched by Whittesel, not Higley, so it has to have some bigger purpose. Tomlin would not greenlighted it otherwise. They are slowly developing it from christmas and seem to be fairly devoted to it. Hope pretending to sleep with Roman not only doesnīt make any sense (and itīs disgusting as hell), but itīs not creating the kind of deep longterm conflict the couple needs.
I agree.

I have never felt this visions story was Higley's at all. I think Higley still influences things but I don't feel her presence in a single story right now and I don't feel she is influencing this Bo visions story at all. This reeks of Tomlin and Whitesell camp, especially because it's still going on. There has to be some reason for it because every other story has a vision or long-term purpose. It's not clear what the vision or long-term purpose of this story is but I'm curious to find out because it's clear there is something behind it. I'm hoping whatever it is helps me get invested in this story like I was up until Kayla's shooting. I don't hate it but I struggle with it because I feel it's pointless right now but obviously that can all change if there is some reasoning behind it we don't know of yet.
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