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Mar 17 2009, 10:18 AM
I kind of had in the back of my mind that instead of it being Hope and Roman, it is Chelsea and Max.

Say that Bo tells Max to break it off with his daughter, so they agree and sneak around behind Bo's back, and in Bo's visions, Hope is Chelsea saying that she is giving her best performance by decieving Bo, and Roman is Max as they are both Bo's brothers.

It's stupid and confusing as hell, but Higley and co have been known to do some weird ass stuff. That, and it isn't very climatic and that is also a Higley trademark.

I so seriously doubt that Hope is having anythig to do with Roman...or is she secretly cheating on Bo...so it has to be something else.
Also this gives Hope another stupid reason to be mad at Bo...to think that he would ever believe something in his visions. :)
I guess they are banking on the fact that if they continue confusing the masses then at least we are tuning in and watching. kind of a bad attention is better then no attention approach. the sad thing is they have dragged the crap out of it and pretty soon who'll care one way or another? I'm already loosing interest in it and to be frank I don't trust the wrters not to give Cordays' bff a roll in the hay with Hope. so disgusting I could gouge my eyes out just thinking that soon I'll have to see it on screen. again my sentiments to poor Kristian for having to play it out. she would do good to get drunk first.lol
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